TYROLEAN SOUL | Seiser Alm, Dolomites Italy
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I define myself as a surreal travel photographer.

My images are about unique sceneries, something you couldn’t see with your own eyes. I like blending moments of light and colors, playing with reality and bending it to my creativity. I  search for unique events of weather and light, small windows of time when the position of the sun creates an effect on the environment.

My favorite subjects are UNESCO World Heritage sites, historical cities, and iconic locations, which I love to show in a new and unique way.

Color plays a key role in my visual production. I always keep an eye on moments when the colors in the sky match or contrast with the landscape.

This style of image production really takes me a long time and multiple visits to the same spots in order to reach my creative vision. But, you know, having to spend more time in the rolling hills of Tuscany drinking its wine, or in the picturesque villages by the sea of Le Cinque Terre, or in the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites, well, usually isn't that bad. At least until I'm soaked from the rain.

I really enjoy the process of creating images, it's something I couldn't live without!

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